Afternoon Run

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Bus #10
Driver: Mr. Taylor

Time Stop
3:00pm Leave WUHS

3706 Spenceville Rd

3811 Spenceville Rd
  Driveway before Vassar Lake

Lone Tree School (transfer Lakeview students to elem. bus)
  Laurel & Tanbark
  Laurel & West Garryanna

Youth Center 

Altamonte & Harpole

Altamonte & Ridge

Tanbark & W. Garryana Dr.

E. Garryana & Camden

W. Garryana & Lantana

Kenwood & Octavia

Tyburn & Terrace

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Not used at this time.

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Plumas Lake #1
Bus #13
Driver: Mr. High


Time Stop
3:00pm Leave WUHS
River Oaks & Colorado
River Oaks -- Powder Way - Colorado
Tiburon Way & Dunsmuir Way
  Marin Court (turnaround)
  Danforth Way & Calabrese
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Plumas Lake #2
Bus #16
Driver: Mr. Hornbuckle

Time Stop
3:00pm Leave WUHS
Independence & Point Defiance
Lindenmeir & Sheridan Ranch
Broad Acres & Wilcox Ranch (at park)
Calypso & Wilcox Ranch
Drakes Bar & Wilcox Ranch
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Plumas Lake #3
Bus #14
Driver: Mr. Kesterson

Time Stop
3:00pm Leave WUHS
River Oaks & Hidden Creek
Leighton Grove & Guildford Way
Leighton Grove & Notting Hill
Belvedere Way & Kensington
Kensginton & Churchill
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Country Run
Bus #12
Driver: Mr. Haymore

Time Stop
3:00pm Leave WUHS
3748 Virginia Road
Plute & 40 Mile Road
Bridgeport Way & Bidwell Bar Drive
Bidwell Bar Drive & Table Mountain Drive

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Lake Run
Bus #15
Driver: Ms. Ward
Time Stop
2:45pm Wheatland Elementary School
Bear River School
3:00pm Leave WUHS

Wheatland Elementary School District Office

7349 Camp Far West Road

7528 Camp Far West Road

Wintun Drive

Wichita & Camp Far West Road

Kapaka & Camp Far West Road

Hoken Lane & Camp Far West Road

Nisenan Lane & Camp Far West Road

Eric Lane & Spenceville Road

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Country Run completed by Wheatland School District drivers & busesTop of Page

Time Stop
2:56pm Pick up Wheatland Union High School
3:07pm 2497 Jasper Lane
3:08pm 2689 Jasper Lane
3:10pm 3293 Jasper Lane
3:14pm Poldervalt Dairy
3:16pm Corner of Virginia & Ostrum
4223 Virginia Road
Staas Dairy (Virginia Road)
4887 Virginia Road
4961 Virginia Road
3:23pm Corner of Virginia Road & Erle Road
3:25pm 4912 Virginia Road
3:26pm Stoney Way