Acceptable Use Policy

The goals of WUHSD's Acceptable Use Policy are:

  • To clarify school policy regarding use of the Internet 
  • To shield the school against potential liability 
  • To avoid security threats by promoting awareness and good practice 
  • To encourage effective and positive use of the resources

As this is now part of the Registration Forms, there is no longer a separate AUP form. Below is the text found on that page for review purposes only.


The Wheatland Union High School District believes in the educational value of technology and recognizes its importance for supporting curriculum, instruction and management.  The district's telephone system, voicemail, computer networks and Internet connections (henceforth referred to as "WUHSnet") have been developed as tools to promote educational excellence, innovation and communication for students, staff and district volunteers.  Due to its open nature, there is information available via WUHSnet that is inappropriate for use in a school environment.  It is the district's intent to protect students, staff and volunteers from inappropriate information by:

  • meeting or exceeding all state and federal content filtering guidelines;
  • requiring adult supervision and monitoring of student Internet use;
  • directing each user to accept personal responsibility for managing the resources appropriately.

The following BASIC TERMS OF USE provisions specify the expectations for all users of WUHSnet.  No user is authorized to access any portion of WUHSnet until all required persons sign the Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources Agreement.  Inappropriate use may result in the cancellation of the user's privileges, disciplinary action and/or legal action.

Personal Responsibility: I accept personal responsibility for my use of WUHSnet.  I understand that all school and district rules of conduct apply when I am utilizing WUHSnet.  I also accept personal responsibility for reporting any misuse of WUHSnet to an appropriate district staff member.  I understand that no technology is perfect and I will not hold the district or district personnel responsible for the failure of any technology protection measure.

Acceptable Use: I understand my use of WUHSnet is to be limited to educational activities, research, communication, and it will support the educational goals and objectives of the Wheatland Union High School District.  In addition, I will follow these guidelines:

  • I will not transmit any material in violation of the law, including copyrighted, threatening or obscene material.
  • I will not use WUHSnet for personal or financial gain, advertising, or political activities.
  • I will not use another person's account or password, nor allow another person to use mine.
  • I will not interfere with or bypass the security or filtering systems used to protect WUHSnet.
  • I will not send chain letters, annoying or unnecessary messages.  Nor will I send unnecessary messages to a large number of people.
  • I will be polite by never sending or encouraging others to send abusive messages.
  • I will use appropriate language by never swearing or using suggestive, threatening, obscene or other offensive language.

Network Behavior and Privacy: I understand and will follow the generally accepted rules of WUHSnet behavior:

  • Privacy: never reveal any person's home address, phone number or other important personal information.  Never ask for personal information from another person.
  • Disruptions: do not use the district network in any way that would disrupt others.
  • Harassment: never transmit any material to harass another person or organization.
  • E-mail: all equipment and the data contained within said equipment are district property.  E-mail is not guaranteed to be private.  Sending or receiving encrypted or encoded messages is strictly forbidden.
  • Abusive or threatening messages may be turned over to law enforcement.

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Inappropriate use of technology will result in loss of use of technology and/or loss of Internet privileges for one month, three months, five months, or a school year, depending on the severity of the incident and the number of occurrences. (A greater degree of accountability can be administered depending on circumstances.)

Inappropriate use of technology includes giving out a student's own, or using another student's, user name and/or password. This is a violation of the Wheatland Union High School District Technology Use Agreement and is considered theft. All users are responsible for all actions made using that student's user name and/or password.

Students who use technology as a tool to commit an offense will receive a "two-pronged" consequence. This means if a student uses a computer to access pornography, he/she will receive a consequence for:

  1. "profanity, vulgar or obscene act"
  2. for misuse of the computer (loss of privileges).

Privileges such as participation in or attendance at school activities, such as dances, games, field trips, etc., may be denied as an intervention to modify student behavior.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please e-mail Mick Shatswell, Director of Technology, or phone him at (530) 633-3100 x123.